Doing a board year is an unforgettable experience. You will learn to work closely with your fellow board members and more than 100 committee members. You will organize many activities for the entire Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences and you are the official face of the association, for both students and the university. As an addition you get a nice boost for your resume and extra connections. Besides all these professional advantages, it is also a really fun year! You will have the unique opportunity to have a year full of drinks, trips and parties!

If you want more information, download the information booklet or get one at the Cedo Nulli office! Click here for the recommendation letter of the dean, Victor Bekkers, from the Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences. 

For an application there are different requirements and guidelines.

Formal requirements

    - Make sure your motivation letter is no longer than 2 pages;
    - Please use Times New Roman, size 12;
    - Please hand in your motivation letter and CV as a PDF file;
    - You may hand in your CV and motivation letter in either English or Dutch, however make sure they are both in the same language;
    - Make sure your CV has all your contact information on it.

Content guidelines

In your motivation letter, please explain the following:

    - Your motivation to apply for a board year;
    - Why you apply specifically for the board of Cedo Nulli;
    - What you want to learn and what you hope to get out of a board year;
   - The function(s) you prefer and why those functions;
    - Why you are the right person for that function(s).

Try to be as specific as possible and illustrate all statements with relevant examples and/or experiences. We are looking forward to your application!

Preceding Boards

34th Board of Cedo Nulli, 2018-19
Chairman - Roel van der Pas
Secretary - Sanne van Tussenbroek
Treasurer - Sophie Fransen
Marketing Officer - Ebenezer Tafese
Education Officer - Anouk ter Punt
Commercial Relations Officer - Juanita Rojas

33rd Board of Cedo Nulli, 2017-2018
Chairman - Maxime van den Berg
Secretary - Daantje Stroo
Treasurer - Zeb Holthuis
Marketing Officer - Thibault Delabia
Education Officer - Nicky van de Lagemaat`
Commercial Relations Officer - Sarina Verwijmeren


32nd Board of S.F.V. Cedo Nulli, 2016-2017
Chairman - Anouk Brunink
Secretary - Jessica Hoogendoorn
Treasurer - Lisa Versloot
Marketing Officer - Wouter Sterrenburg
Education Officer - Renske Doornbos
Commercial Relations Officer - Floris Geijer


31st board of S.F.V. Cedo Nulli, 2015-2016
Chairman - Guy du Bosc
Secretary - Kim Kentin
Treasurer - Kartika Fauzi
Marketing Officer - Rocher Koendjbiharie
Education Officer - Maxime de Winter
Commercial Relations Officer - Katarina Sajinovic


30th board of S.F.V. Cedo Nulli, 2014-2015
Chairman - Niek de Neijs
Secretary - Hester van der Veen
Treasurer - Robbert de Hoogh
Activities Officer - Pim Groeneveld
Education Officer - Lucia van der Stam
External Relations Officer - Yannick Markus


29th Board of S.F.V. Cedo Nulli, 2013-2014
Chair and Education Officer - Cataline Sinnige
Secretary - Angela de Pooter
Treasurer - Astrid van Driel
Activities Officer & Vice Chair - Laurens Coumou
External Relations Officer - Rosanne de Pauw