Cedo Nulli and TentamenTrainingen joined forces to organize exam training courses, masterclasses and marathons in order to help you pass your exams! As a member of Cedo Nulli you receive 20% discount on all courses through the following link:


In a training, which consists of 4 sessions of 3 hours, we will provide you with tips and tricks on how to approach questions, discuss the hardest topics and practice exams. This will be done with the help of our top-notch teachers who are rewarded with an average review score of 8.5!

In a marathon you will go over the hardest topics and practice exams in just 4 to 6 hours. This is a really good way to get that extra push before the exams!

Besides all this, TentamenTrainingen.nl offers free masterclasses of 2 to 3 hours in which general tips and tricks for exams will be given and a few of the hardest topics are discussed. You know, just to help you kick-start your studies!

Click on the following courses to find training courses, masterclasses and marathons for the following studies:

Management of International Social Challenges
Pedagogische Wetenschappen