Financial Audit Committee

The work of the Audit Committee (also known as the KasCo) focus on checking the financial administration of the association. Therefore, there is a consultation every month between the Audit Committee and the Treasurer of the Board. This check is a legal requirement, but the Audit Committee does more than that. The committee supports the Treasurer and gives advice to prevent financial risks in order to guarantee the continuity of the association over the different years.

During the General Assembly the Audit Committee will give an independent report on the work of the Treasurer. Then there is also the possibility to ask questions to the Audit Committee.

The Audit Committee for the academic year of 2023-2024 consists of the following people:

Martijn Oepkes - Treasurer of the 37th Board
Ezra Klok - Treasurer of the 35th Board
Bas van Kruining - Chair of the 36th Board 
Jet Schrijver - Treasurer of the 36th Board 
Linet Wiesnekker - Treasurer of the 38th Board


The Senate is a body consisting of former Board members who have made themselves useful to the association, so therefore they have a lot of knowledge and experience. The Senate has an advisory role to the Board. During the General Assembly, the Senate is required to report about the work of the Board.

The Senate 2023-2024 consists of the following people:

Naomi Rook - Commercial Relations Officer of the 37th Board
Manon Schoonderwaldt - Commercial Relations Officer of the 36th Board
Amber Winter - Education Officer of the 35th Board 
Josephine Kloes - Education Officer of the 36th Board
Yoëlle Kruijswijk - Marketing Officer of the 36th Board
Sara Bosma - Internal Relations Officer of the 38th Board 
Bas van Kruining - Chair of the 36th Board

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