In September 1963 the study of Sociology starts at the Dutch Economic Applied University. It was also the start of the sub faculty of social-cultural sciences. The new study is an extension of the social economic faculty. Earlier that year on the 8th of May 1963 the ‘Rotterdamse Sociologische Faculteitsvereniging’ (RSFV) was created. The initiators were the misters Werheim and Wijenberg. The RSFV was a continuation of the ‘Rotterdams Sociologisch Dispuut’ of which Master students of the social economical studies of the economical faculty.

The RSFV gains publicity in 1968 when they organised a protest march to block measures by university staff to make students pay for the cost of college materials. In 1977, Sociology students occupied the senate room of the university. They thought that the the university did not listen enough to proposals to improve education.

In September 1978 the study of Political Science start at the sub faculty of social-cultural sciences. A year later on the 29th of August 1979 the study association Parlementir was formed. Parlementir focuses on the Political Science students and is the second association at the faculty. In 1984 the study of Public Administration is added to the social sciences of Rotterdam. The study is taught in cooperation with the University of Leiden.

Between members of both Parlementir and RSFV an idea exists to merge the two associations. The students want to form a faculty association to reduce further disintegration of associations within the university. Also they want to combine both of the magazines of each association. Both ‘Manifesto’ (Parlementir) and ‘Negatief’ (RSFV) merge into one faculty magazine: ‘Frappe’.

On the 19th of March 1985, Minister Deetman of Education and Sciences walks in the new F/G building, where Business Administration and the Social Sciences will move into. Behind him walk, dressed in black, students. Under the roll of drums they carry a coffin with them. It is a symbol for the death of university education and it is one of the first activities with which the new faculty association makes itself known.

The merger between RSFV and Parlementir finally takes place on the 24th of April 1985. It has been decided to change the name of Parlementir because this association is already registered at the chamber of commerce, RSFV is not. The members of RSFV flow into the new association. There are different proposals for the name including: ‘P6’, ‘Organisatie van de 30e augustus’, ‘de Groene Waan’, ‘Socijo’s’, ‘Cedo Nulli’ and ‘Festina Lente’. After a first voting round three names remain. ‘Festina Lente’, ‘Pact and ‘Cedo Nulli’.

The name Cedo Nulli wins the voting with 21 votes in comparison with 7 votes for Pact and 5 votes for Festina Lente. Cedo Nulli, which means ‘I yield to no one’, is a famous saying of one of the greatest humanitarians of his time: Desiderius Erasmus. Professor Arthur Ringeling describes the name Cedo Nulli in the Yearbook of 1990 as ‘vigorous and rotterdam like’.

In July 1987, registrations for new students of Political Science were stopped. At the same time the number of students for Sociology is reduced. Public Administration becomes the most important study at the faculty. In 1989, the magazine Actor has to end the wild growth of magazines on the faculty. Actor replaces both the old faculty magazine Frappe, that appeared irregularly and the Cedo Nulli newsletters. On 13 October 1993 Cedo Nulli organises the first national ministerial day to boost the reputation of public office. Nine ministries are represented. With Wim Deetman as chair a closing forum debate was held.

The study of Psychology starts in 2001. This study and its students are also integrated into Cedo Nulli. The involved Psychology students organise their first activity in club within Cedo Nulli, however later they are more actively integrated within the association.

Over the years Cedo Nulli has had different clubs or ‘disputen’. ‘Ars Administranid’ (Political Sciences) and ‘Sociologisch Dispuut’ managed to hold on quite some time during the nineties. ‘Money Management’ and ‘Prodesse Coamur’ disappeared rather quickly though. ‘Sociologisch Dispuut’ changed into ‘Cycloop’ and ‘Ars Administrandi’ was followed up by ‘Dionysus’. In 2001 the Psychological club ‘Solon’ was created. ‘Solon’ later changed into ‘Odyssee’ and ‘Equilibrium’ to be later changed into a committee within the association.

After ten years the magazine Actor no longer seems to be the best solution. The name of the faculty magazine changed multiple times until 2002 when the names Trio sticks. The magazine appeared in a coordination between the faculty and the association.

Since the establishment of (S.F.V.) Cedo Nulli, the association knows nine honorary members.

Pim van der Pol, Chair of RSFV in 1985 and Harry Exmann, Chair of Parlementir 1985, were appointed as honorary members due to their meritorious activities in the foundation of S.F.V Cedo Nulli.

Ronald Nomes was also appointed as honorary member, because of his efforts in the Board year of 1991-1992.

In 1998, the entire Board of the previous year was appointed as honorary member, because of their important role in maintaining the association. These persons are: Bart van de Sande, Mera Oosterom, Frederiek van Wickeren, Matthijs van Meerveld, Renske Satijn and Karlijn van Lierop.