A short documentary - ‘Psychedelics: what’s going on?’



‘Psychedelics: what’s going on?’
A short documentary by Cedo Nulli’s Media Committee

A trip to another dimension, an altered state of consciousness. Something you might have experienced or don’t want to at all. Using psychedelics.

Why do people take them? Are psychedelic trips life changing or dangerous? And what does research say about these hallucinogene drugs?

In this documentary we follow various experts and users of psychedelics. Hear more about their experiences and knowledge on this topic. Their perspective might change yours! You can find the two-part documentary here:

Part I
Part II

Love, MediaCom

The views, opinions and actions expressed here are those of individuals voluntarily participating in this mini-documentary only, and in no way represent the views, positions or opinions expressed or implied by Cedo Nulli.