Where to thrift in Rotterdam?


Where to thrift in Rotterdam?  

If you love thrifting or are on a student budget but don’t know where to shop for clothes, these 4 places will become your top shops to visit!

De Binnenrotte markt


The best-known market in Rotterdam, De Binnenrotte markt, is the second biggest in the Netherlands offering food, accessories, clothing, and more.

Opening Hours and Location

Where: Binnenrotte 101, 3011 HB Rotterdam
When: Tuesday 8-17:30, Saturday 8-17:00


The Binnenrotte markt offers many boutiques with high-quality clothing. Be aware that the boutiques sometimes change so if you like something, keep in mind that there’s no guarantee it will be there the following week. Although the boutiques have nice original clothing lines, it is usually expensive and therefore might not be an option for everyone. 

Second-hand stalls

If you are looking for affordable clothes, the second-hand stalls are for you! The first couple of them are at the beginning of the market (at the Blaak station) and then as you go down, you will see more. 

They offer all different types of clothing - bottoms (skirts, pants, shorts), tops (blouses, t-shirts), and warmer layers (sweaters, hoodies, jackets) for a couple of euros. They usually have special deals such as 2 pieces for 3 euro, etc. The deals and prices also differ every time so next time you come it could be 1 piece for 5 euros.


  • In the back of the market, there is a stall with blouses and tops for 1€ only!
  • Come early on Tuesdays for the best clothing picks!
  • Bring a big bag with you in advance.

Vintage stalls

If you enjoy browsing through cute stalls with a bunch of different ‘random’ items - decorations, art pieces, jewelry, and more, you should pay attention to the vintage stalls in the lower part of the Binnenrotte markt. 

You can also find here electronics - such as digital cameras for 10-15€ or nicer vintage clothes - leather jackets, racer jackets, and more with popular vintage brands (a bit more expensive again but for the pieces it is a fair price).

Reshare store


The Salvation Army ReShare collects millions of kilos of old clothing and textiles which they either donate to those in need or sell for fair prices.

Opening hours and location

Where: Korte Hoogstraat 11-13, 3011 GJ Rotterdam
When: Mo 12-18:00, Tu-We 10-18:00, Fr-Sa 10-18:00

Second hand section


The ground floor of the Reshare store contains regular clothes and accessories for great prices. Depending on the piece the price can differ between 1-20€. 

Other than normal clothes, you can find here also new (unused) socks, stockings, and scarfs for only 1€, beautiful shoes in great condition (snowboots, high-knee boots, heels, or sneakers) for around 12€, or a huge jewelry stand for 1€.

Vintage clothing section


On the upper floor, there is a section with vintage clothing with a still, fair price. For ‘vintage’ pieces, the prices are always higher, but I would say they keep it still fair and relatively low compared to other ‘vintage stores’. 

You can find a lot of unique beautiful pieces here that will look great in your wardrobe! My favorite section is the sweater one. I recommend having a look here.


  • They re-stock every Wednesday so wait for the new items! 
  • Be patient and go through every rack because sometimes you find the best pieces where you don’t expect them! (I always leave with something ;) )


A second-hand store with a focus on fashion. You can order mystery boxes or check out Dutch art pieces on their website.

Opening hours and location

Where: Oude Binnenweg 34, 3012 JE Rotterdam
When: Mo 11-20:00, Tu-Sa 10-20:00, Su 12-18:00



Rejoes has many sections with different clothing styles - from lingerie corsets and dresses, y2k tops, loads of jeans and pants to alternative blouses and sportswear. 

The prices per piece always differ but you can find pretty tops and T-shirts up to 10€ and nice pants up to 20€. They have super original and unique pieces that can spice up your wardrobe.

Personally to me, the racks sometimes seem overwhelming to look through as there are so many but I highly suggest looking at every single piece because the clothes are truly great and I’m sure you might find just what you are looking for!


  • Don’t skip the bins with scarves and belts! Sometimes I find the best pieces there!

Cheap Fashion


Secondhand store with a focus on vintage fashion.


Although cheap fashion has ‘cheap’ its name, it is pricier for second-hand clothes. On the other hand, they focus on vintage and alternative clothing which is usually more expensive than regular clothes, and with some of the finds, it can be justified.


For all clothing pieces, they have a huge stock of everything. In the ‘tops’ section, you will find vests, warm layers - sweaters and jackets, graphic t-shirts, and lingerie tops whereas in the ‘bottoms’ section, there are skirts, jeans, and cargo pants.

I would say that in Cheap fashion you can also find super unique pieces that you definitely won’t see other people wearing. Be aware that the store is super small and when it’s busy it can feel super overwhelming!

Opening hours and location

Where: Meent 25, 3011 JB Rotterdam
When: Tu-We 10-18:00, Fr 10-21:00, Sa 10-18:00, Su-Mo 12-18:00


  • Check for a rack with discounted sweaters! Usually all for 2€.
  • Check also for a rack with pants and jeans for 12€!
  • At the cashier, they have a small stand with super cute earrings for only 1€!

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