Try-Out Committee & Eurekaweek Committee

Try-Out Committee and Eurekaweek Committee 

Did you miss the deadline for the committee applications at the beginning of the year? Did you just come back from exchange? Are you finally settled down in your study and ready for some fun? Then take this opportunity with both hands and sign up for one of the committees below! 

Try-Out Committee:

In this committee you will work together with 4 other people and your board supervisor to organize ONE event of your choice. This will give you the chance to experience what it’s like to be in one of our committees, without committing to it for a full year. You will get a lot of creative freedom and it comes with the same perks as our yearly committee. If you enjoy it, you can apply for one of our yearly committees at the beginning of next academic year! 

The positions are:
- Chairman
- Secretary
- Treasurer
- Commissioner of Promotion
- Commissioner of External Relations

Deadline to apply: 30th of January 23.59

Eurekaweek Committee:
Note: This committee is also open for people who are already in a committee!

The Eurekaweek is the introduction week for all new EUR students. It is the most important week to get new ESSB students in touch with Cedo Nulli! As a member of the Eurekaweek committee, you will be responsible for all the activities that will be organised during this week. There is room for creativity to come up with a Cedo party, arranging goodies, nice promotional stunts during the campus day, festival and more!

Because this week is very important for the association, it comes with great responsibility. You will learn how to use a helicopter view to make sure every event runs smoothly! In return for your efforts, you can attend most of the Eurekaweek activities together with the HT and FT board.

The positions are:
- Chairman
- Secretary + Commissioner of External Relations
- Treasurer + Commissioner of Promotion

Deadline to apply: 6th of February 23.59

What do you need to do to become a part of one of these committees? 

  • Send an email to;
  • Include your CV and a motivation letter of max 500 words;
  • Tell us which committee you want to apply for;
  • Include the positions you would prefer and why you would prefer them.

The deadline to apply is on the 30th of January at 23.59h for the Try-Out Committee and on the 6th of February at 23.59h for the Eurekaweek Committee! Please mind that these dates differ! If you have any questions about the positions in the committee or anything else you can send an email to You can also take a look at our information booklet to learn more about committtees and the different functions. You can find this booklet here.