Career Orientation Committee

The Career Orientation Committee organizes all kinds of activities concentrating on your life after finishing your studies, such as a LinkedIn Training or a company diner. These activities are relevant for all students of the Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences.

You can contact us at:

Board Supervisor: Naomi Rook


  • Diana Maouloud

    Diana Maouloud


  • Jack Buitelaar

    Jack Buitelaar


  • Elzhana Dimova

    Elzhana Dimova

    Commissioner of Promotion

  • Charlotte Groot

    Charlotte Groot

    Commissioner of External Relations

  • Lotte Stouten

    Lotte Stouten

    Commissioner of External Relations

  • Lisa Dijs

    Lisa Dijs

    Commissioner of Non-Commercial Relations

  • Willianne Slootmaaker

    Willianne Slootmaaker