The Confidants

Hi there! We are Jeffrey & Fieke, and we're the Confidants of this year. This means you can reach out to either one of us with any problem or issue, it does not matter whether it's personal, school-related, Cedo related or even work-related. We're here for you, no matter what. Even for minor inconveniences or a daily small problem, we'll be available and will offer you a listening ear. You can contact us by sending an email to or mail jeffrey ( or fieke ( personally!

Click here for the rules and regulations regarding the Cedo Confidants

Internal Relations Officer:

Jeffrey van der Mark

Marketing Officer:

Fieke Lips

About me: "Hi, I'm Jeffrey! Besides my role as Internal Relations Officer, I’m one of the Confidants this year. I’m 21-years old and finished my Bachelor of Psychology before starting my Board year. If you are experiencing any difficulties or just up for a talk about anything, I’m there for you. As a Confidant, anything you tell me will be held private from everyone but us, unless mentioned otherwise of course. I’ll be offering a listening ear, advice, or help/sources when needed. Don’t mind hitting me up just to vent or complain either! :)"
About me: "Hello everyone, my name is Fieke and I'm 21 years old. This year, I am the marketing Officer and Confidant of Cedo Nulli. I find it very exciting to do this because I love being creative. I used to be involved in theater and tennis, but now I am focussing on my studies pedagogical sciences. One of my greatest joys is engaging in activities with people and have meaningful conversations. I genuinely enjoy being a good listener, so please don't hesitate to approach me if you need someone to talk to."


Prefer to talk to someone outside of the Board? We have another Confidant this year from the Senate. The Senate is an advisory body working separately from the Board. This is Yoellë, someone who can help you out and be your listening ear when you prefer to talk to someone who isn't a Board member. It's also good to know that anytime you reach out to Yoëlle, Jeffrey or Fieke, anonimity will be maintained if you prefer this. To reach out to Yoellë, you can contact her at


Want to file a complaint?

If you want to file a complaint about the association, Board or the faculty? Send an email to