Dear Bachelor and Master students,

During your studies you are mostly busy with obtaining good grades, extinguishing yourself, and getting used to the student life. Do you also find yourself thinking about what comes after your studies…?

In this second Mastergroup of the year, you have the chance to network with Alumni students of the ESSB. They vary from study, experiences and expertise and are more than willing to brainstorm about your life after your study!

The theme of this Mastergroup is ‘What happens after my Master?’. During the speeddate you will meet with the Alumni and we will close the session with an inspiring speaker on the topics personal branding, career choices, application procedures and more! This will help you to put your future into perspective.

Challenge yourself to think further on what comes next!

Please, keep an eye on the website or on Facebook for the exact location of this event.

We hope to see many of you on the 20th of February!

Much love,
Amber Winter
Education Officer of Cedo Nulli