A life of a student may not always be the healthiest one... You'd planned to go to bed early, then all of a sudden you ended up clubbing. To help you a bit with these struggles, Cedo Nulli is organising the first Health Event ever! Do you want to know more about a healthy lifestyle or what the municipality of Rotterdam means for its residents in terms of a better lifestyle? Or are you interested in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)? Then visit our event!
FREE healthy and sustainable snacks will be provided!
Two policymakers of the department of social development that are working on the project 'Gezond010' will discuss different topics from the health agreement of Rotterdam, and eleborate on some models about mental health and healhty lifestyles. Did you know that the EUR is also working on a Happy Student Society to promote student well-being?
Next, Ineke Mostert will give a workshop about Neuro Linguistic Programming. In the workshop vitality and NLP we will look at how satisfied you are with your vitality and what you can change about it. Have you noticed that successful people always seem to have energy? We are going to look at what your personal obstacles (limiting thoughts) are and how we can change them.
When you have good intentions or set goals, there is always a reason to not do it. What is stopping you from this? How can you create a healthy habit out of it instead of procrastinating?
Join the Health Event on the 20th of February, sign up on the right side of this page!
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