The Inside Of A Family Home

*This event is aimed at dutch speaking students!*

You are not gonna believe it but the first event of PedaCom is coming up! And it is a special one… Herma and Annemarie Slingerland of the family home ‘Hart voor de Zaak’ will come to the university to tell us all about family homes. But they will not only give us interesting general information, but they will also share with us their personal experiences as insiders of such a family home.

It is an interactive lecture which means you can ask all the questions you have!

Do you want to know what Herma and Annemarie do to fulfill their mission to give children a new, happy place after they can’t live home anymore? Then you should definitely come on November 30thto the Erasmus University at 19.30. After this we want to invite you all to the Smitse too to talk about it some more. This event is free of charge for all the members. You can register now! Do it as soon as possible as there are limited spots available!

We are so excited to see all of you there!

The PedaCom

Note: this event will be in Dutch.