Dealing WIth Performance Pressure

Dear members, 

The beginning of the new year, exams and online education can lead up to high-stress levels and pressure to perform. In line with current events, students also experience pressure to graduate quickly and with good results. 
That is why we are inviting you to our training on dealing with performance pressure. Topics that will be covered include: what is performance pressure, what contributes to such feelings, which signals can indicate a reduced resilience and which measures are effective at reducing performance pressure? 

The training will be held on the 18th of January at 16:00 via Zoom and delivered by HSK Groep. As an organization for psychological health, it specializes in the prevention and treatment of common psychological complaints. HSK also provides multiple traineeships, making this a perfect opportunity for psychology students to explore career and internship possibilities. Nonetheless, all members are invited. 

The event is free and you can sign on this website. You will receive a zoom link soon after.️

We hope to see you there! 

Best wishes, 
The Career Orientation Committee