Is the lockdown boring you? Are you tired of endless zoom calls and online activities? Are you in need of social contacts and some fresh air? The IDcom certainly feels like taking a break from Zoom, and getting out and about. Therefore, to fill the gap the lockdown is giving all of us, the IDcom wants to present you...
THE WALKIE TALKIE! But not the kind you're the most familiar with. 

Then what the bleep is Walkie Talkie?! During Walkie Talkie you are going to get to know a few special places in Rotterdam, which is famous for its history, architecture and port. You will share your experience in teams of two, which gives you an excellent opportunity to walk and talk with a friend or a new fellow student, whatever you prefer. Also, we know the Dutch weather can sometimes be tough, so to keep you warm IDcom will provide hot drinks. 

Join us at our Walkie Talkie on the 25th of January starting at 17.00 until 18.30 in the heart of Rotterdam. The sign up is open now, so be quick! 

Looking forward to seeing you again, 
xx IDcom