Dear students and staff members,

On April 19th, Cedo Nulli and the ESSB will host a conference on the situation in Ukraine and Russia. It will take place in Erasmus Paviljoen from 14:00 to 18:00h.

This conference will give a (geo)political and historical context of the current war in Ukraine and the role of the Netherlands in this war. It will paint a picture of the consequences and risks for the Netherlands, the EU, the NAVO and other countries.

Multiple experts on the subject are invited of which the following:
Kees Klompenhouwer - Former ambassador on behalf of the Netherlands in Ukraine during the Euromaidan and the start of the war in East-Ukraine.
Ron Keller - Former ambassador on behalf of the Netherlands in Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and China and old-ambassador of the NAVO.
Hugo Klijn - Historian at the Clingedael Institute.
Dr. Prof. Markus Haverland - Political Science professor at the EUR

More speakers are to be announced!

By the means of this conference we hope to educate you on multiple aspects about the current situation in Ukraine. Tickets are free for all EUR students and staff members!