Dear members,

We are excited to invite you to our final CorCom event. So far, we have organized three events aimed at solidifying your professional skills. While our LinkedIn workshop taught you how to increase your network online, it is time to put into practice what you have learned about introducing yourself and networking in real life.

The "speed dating" will consist of 5 rounds. During each round, students will get the chance to meet with a company/organization that aligns with their ESSB study program (each one will be announced on our socials in the upcoming weeks).  You will get the chance to ask questions, make a good impression and possibly land a job or an internship. And the best part about the event - BEER TASTING.

The event will be held on the 18th of may at Apartt. The entry fee is 3 and includes drinks for all rounds and snacks. If you want to try some special beer and gain a perspective on your future career, don't forget to sign up before Monday the 16th of May at 23:59.

Best wishes,
The Career Orientation Committee