Cedo Nulli presents, for the first time ever, the official ESSB Model United Nations. Cedo Nulli will be organizing simulations of the three General Assemblies of the United Nations.

  • GA1: Disarmament and International Security

  • GA2: Economic and Financial Committee

  • GA3: Social, Humanitarian & Cultural Issues

During the simulation you will discuss current, real-life, issues whilst representing a chosen member state. You will be pulled out of your comfort zone whilst speeching in front of an audience and interacting with your fellow delegates like a true diplomat. ESSB MUN uses official rules of procedure that where developed together with UNITAR by the NMUN, the New York conference to which Cedo Nulli sends 14 delegates every year. The simulation will take place on Saturday the 8th of February on the international campus of Erasmus University in Rotterdam.