Dear freshmen,
It’s almost the end of your first academic year. We would like to celebrate the beginning of the
summer with all of you! So we would like to invite you all to a BBQ. For only €2,50 you will get to
enjoy an evening full of delicious food and some drinks. Besides that, you can get competitive with
all types of games. :)
Throughout the year you’ve made some friends and this is the perfect moment to invite them to
come with you. This is the evening to meet up with your study buddies outside of the university!
Some practical information: the BBQ will take place on Tuesday the 6 th of June at Kralingse Bos. You
can meet us at 17.00 and our grillmaster will start grilling at 18.00.
So gather your friends, and register now
Make sure to tell us about any allergies or food preferences you might have at the registration. The
BBQ will be vegetarian.